It’s been a while since I’ve done a review. Ever since I moved out of my family’s home I’ve been cooking a lot more, now that I can make as much mess in my kitchen without my mum having a go. 

Everyone who knows me knows how much I ADORE Turkish food, it’s always so filling and safisfying. So filling you’ll probably need a nap after. That being said, I really should’ve wore elasticated trousers this time! 

I’ve heard a lot of great reviews about Gökyüzü so thought it was time I finally checked it out! 

I visited the Chingford branch but there’s also one in Green Lanes. 

The venue:

The venue itself is decent, I loved the outside area but it was way too cold to sit there, next time maybe! 

Look how pretty! 

The inside was spacious, I wasn’t too fond of the yellow seats, mainly because they reminded me of primary school but that’s just me being picky. 

The food:

I get the same starter at every Turkish restaurant I go to: LAHMACUN. 

Essentially it’s a mince meat style pizza and it is amazing! I have to hold myself back from eating too much before my main meal arrives. 


The crust was nice and crunchy whereas the meat was so soft and full of flavour! 

Another one of my favourites is the complimentary salad and fresh bread. I could live off it (okay maybe not but it’s beautiful). 

Again, I get the same my main meal: ADANA KOFTE. 

I should probably try some of the other mains but why ruin something that’s good?  


The meat was so juicy and flavoursome and it paired so well with the rice. I always worry about the portion of rice in relation to the meat but honestly it was perfect. I get full so quickly so a lot of rice would’ve went to waste. 

My partner ordered the chicken doner which reminds of what people get on a night out so I tend to stay away from it. 


The service:

The waiters were so friendly, they made conversation with us and they weren’t overbearing like waiters at some other restaurants. 

The service was very efficient, didn’t have to wait long for the food at all and trust me when you haven’t eaten all day you don’t want to wait long. 

This spot is perfect for family dinners or a catch up with friends. 

Would I go again? Yes. 

Location: Southend Rd, Chingford, E4 8TA 

Instagram, twitter, snapchat – eatwitharli 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Winnie Renee says:

    The one in Green Lanes does not look as fancy but the food is second to none. This is my favourite Turkish restaurant. Definitely better than Kervan. Their service is always good. Their pricing makes sense. Just a lovely restaurant.

    1. Arlinda says:

      Yeah, the food is lovely! You should check out Devran, opposite to Gökyüzü. Their food is also amazing!

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