Tiramisu Cake 

The latest installment in my showstopper cakes is a Tiramisu.  All my cakes are available to be purchased. E-mail for enquiries – eatwitharli@gmail.com  Advertisements

Pancake Day! 

With pancake day around the corner, I thought it would be a great idea to make a few different types of pancakes.  I absolutely adore pancakes and this year I thought I’d change it up a bit and make something different.  I decided to make simple lemon and sugar crêpes, chocolate crêpe cones with nutella,…

White Chocolate Mousse Mirror Glaze Cake

I decided to make this red mirror glaze cake for Valentine’s Day.  It’s a white chocolate mousse cake with layers of dark chocolate genoise and a starwberry purée. 

Fresh Cream Cake with Fresh Fruits 

Another show-stopper cake I created is this fresh cream cake topped with fresh fruits!  It’s one of my favourites as it’s so light and fruity. 

Turkish Feast

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love and adore Turkish food (then again I adore most food). The flavours all come together so beautifully! Disclaimer: Turkish food will leave you feeling full (and pregnant) for a few hours. I am not responsible for this.  I decided to replicate what I get whenever I…

Old School Sprinkle Cake 

I don’t know anyone who didn’t love this cake as a kid. Sprinkle cake with warm custard, brings back so many good memories.  Nostalgia got the better of me (and an overpowering desire for cake) and I decided to whip it up.  I know there are loads of people out there who loved this cake…


Bagels are my favourite thing for breakfast! Although, that being said, I can eat them at any time of the day. They’re so versatile, you can put almost any topping you wish on them, sweet or savoury. You can also top them with a bunch of healthy options! You’d be surprised at how easy these…


Cream? Check  Pastry? Check Chocolate? Check There’s nothing not to love about eclairs, they’re so creamy, sweet and moreish. I’m craving some while writing this blog post *resists urge to get up and make more*  They’re very easy to make too. I chose to add some extravagent details to mine for more of a wow…

Raspberry Peach Lemonade x Piña Colada

It’s freezing cold, the heater’s on maximum and I’m currently curled up with my furriest blanket writing this post.  Even though it freezing, there’s always time to make some refreshing summer drinks.  These two are so easy to make, and they’re big crowd pleasers.  The only difficult task was using a saw to cut the…

Ferrero Rocher Cake 

This is my favourite show stopper cake I have made so far!  It’s a moist chocolate sponge with a hazelnut praline buttercream. Decorated with ferrero rocher chocolates, chocolate ganache and caramelised hazelnut spikes. 

Brioche French Toast

French toast or pancakes? This is one of lifes hardest questions. French toast just edges it for me.  This brioche French toast is light and fluffy, subtly sweet and moreish. It’s perfect for a quick breakfast or even a late night snack.  It’s super easy to make so you don’t have to run around the…

Cinnamon Rolls

I’ve spent so long improving this recipe, adding ingredients, taking them away and I am finally happy with this recipe. Finally! I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love cinnamon rolls and honestly I don’t think I want to.  I love cinnamon rolls with a nice cup of tea, especially in this horrible weather….